Nightmare Utopia

Last Time on Utopia Nightmare
Snow falls, and so do the barbarians....

They won… It didn’t seem possible but the AI droid is destroyed leaving more questions and few answers. The Troop didn’t even have time to bury Flatline before the Adventures were thrust into a cold hard reality… literally.
Upon exiting the now dormant ship the adventures are greeted with ice and snow and the cold hard tundra. After seeing lights in the distance they come across a small outpost. this is deferentially not their world or at least not in their time line… The adventures scouted the outpost and finding nothing too particularly dangerous about it, they proceed in they are met by a dwarf (who’s name is impossible for this writer to remember so he won’t) this dwarf lead them to the mayor of the outpost (who also shall remain nameless).

The mayor gives the troop a task of finding a caravan of furs and would pay handsomely for it… So, with some negotiation the adventures set off to find the caravan… After walking on the trail for sometime the adventures come across a small town that appears to be under attack…. The troop decide help the town and saved some of the villagers from burning to death and they inform the adventures that a barbarian clan stole an idol of theirs and they want the adventures to get their idol back so the troop decide to help them because they seem to think that they will get a bigger payload because of it.

A short distance later they find a river with a bridge and they decide to cross it. After successfully crossing the bridge the troop come across an area that seems to be cursed the party decide to rest before entering the cursed area.

THAT is the end of that session.

Have fun Guys

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